Section 1:

  • The first board is to be assigned by the founders of the society for one year.
  • The board is comprised of an odd number (15) of members elected by the general assembly for a 6 years years term. At the end of the period the entire board should resign and another board should be elected by the general assembly.
  • One third of the board members should be renewed every 2 years.
  • If foreign nationalities are on the board, the number of Nile Basin Countries members should be at least equal to the foreigners.

The President, Vice president, Treasurer, and the  Secretary General should be elected by members of the board at the first meeting of the new board.

Section 2:

All potential candidates for board membership should not have been denied his civil rights for any reason.

Section 3:

A board member has no right to work for the society on any paid job (subcontracting).

Section 4:

The board establishes the general policy of the society and it has all authorities with this respect, except in selling society property or engagement in mortgages based on this property.

Section 5:

The board assembles once every 3 months. This meeting is valid when the absolute majority is attending. Board resolutions are to be passed at least by half of the members+1.

Section 6:

If a place of a board member became vacant in the period between general assembly meetings, the board upgrades the candidate who had more votes in the last election after the ones have been elected.

Section 7:

Duties of the board:

  • Election of officers (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary general) and definition of their duties.
  • Preparation of bylaws to be submitted to the general assembly.
  • Foundation of committees necessary for conducting activities and definition of their duties.
  • Hiring working staff.
  • Conduction of money-raising campaigns to support the society.
  • Approval of contracts.
  • Preparation of the last year and next year budget, issuing the annual report of society activities during the past year.
  • Calling for meetings of the general assembly.
  • Discussion of the report submitted by the senior accountant and supplying answers to any remarks in this report to submit it to the general assembly.

 Section 8:

The board has the right to authorize an executive committee  or add hock committee.

including the president/vice-president, treasurer, secretary general and other elected members (total not more than 5members) to execute some or all of his duties. This committee assembles at least once a month. Its meeting is considered valid when at least 3 members attend the meeting.

  • Resolutions of the committee are to be kept in specific record submitted to the board.
  • The executive committee has the following duties.
  • Approval of financial transactions
  • Approval of hiring working staff.
  • Approval of resolutions of other committees before being submitted to the board.
  • Officers (President/Vice-President, Secretary General, and Treasurer).

Section 9:

Duties of the president:

  • Heading of the general assembly and board meetings.
  • Representing the society before administrative and judicial authorities.
  • Approval of the board meeting agenda and follow up execution of resolutions.
  • Signing on behalf of the society on contracts and agreements approved by the board.
  • Signing (together with the secretary general) on the proceedings of the general assembly meetings.
  • Signing (together with the treasurer) on checks and financial transactions.
  • Giving decisions on urgent issues presented by the secretary general, which can not be postponed to the next meeting of the board or executive committee.

Section 10:

Duties of the vice president:

  • The vice president has the same duties of the president in case of his absence.

Section 11:

Duties of the secretary general:

  • Preparation of the board meeting agenda, submitting invitations of the meeting to the board meeting, preparation of a report on the meeting and its resolutions to submit it to the next board meeting to be approved.
  • Institution of a record of the names and addresses of the general assembly members.
  • Signing the reports on general assembly and board meeting, together with the president.
  • Following up execution of board meetings resolutions.
  • Preparation of an annual report on the activities of the society and presenting it to the board after being submitted to and approved by the executive committee.
  • Preparation of the general assembly regular and exceptional meeting agenda, and sending invitations to the meeting to members
  • Submitting general assembly and board resolutions to related administration.
  • Supervising the procedures for election of members of the board.
  • Supervising working staff.
  • Managing society correspondence and submitting to the president, board or executive committee, according to duties of each. 

 Other duties assigned by the board

Section 12:

Duties of treasurer:

  • Supervision of all society revenues and expenditure and keeping records of them.
  • Approval of any financial transaction.
  • Execution of all board directions regarding financial issues.
  • Signing all checks, together with the president.
  • Preparation of the annual financial report to be submitted to the board.
  • Supervision of the budget project for next year, together with the secretary general.

 Section 13:

The society is committed to assigning a senior accountant if its revenues and expenditure exceeds 20,000 L.E.

The senior accountant has the following duties:

  • Revision of all records kept by the society, during which he has the right to ask any other data or explanations essential to fulfill his mission.

If, for one reason or the other, the senior accountant was not able to fulfill his mission, and the board did not facilitate it, he is to present a report to the related administration. The board, in this case has to present this report before the general assembly meeting. The senior accountant has the right to ask the administration to call for an exceptional meeting for the general assembly to present his report.

  • Construction of the financial system of the society.
  • Perform inventory and submit a report to the board.

If any deficiency appeared in the performance of the senior accountant, the board has the right to call for an exceptional general assembly meeting to take action with this respect.