we are establish Hypo Train to help children with hypospadias all over the Egypt and Africa. / To train surgeon all over the Egypt to operate hypospadias successfully.
Hypospadias is a common congenital anomaly affecting about 1% of male live birth. The number of male births per year is one and a half million children. The number of births with a Hypospadias is 100,000 per year.
Pediatric Surgeons. – Pediatric Urologists. – Plastic Surgeons. – Andrologists, Endocrinologists. – Psychiatrists. – Basic science in the field of Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics  and Embryology as well as parents and support groups.
We aim to connect children with hypospadias in the remote places inside Egypt and abroad. / We aim to teach trained doctors at the hands of the largest consultants in the area of hypospadias. / We hope to provide hypospadias surgery by world class hypospadiologists to various centers in Africa , Asia and Latin America. / We hope to create a sustainable model where local teams are trained to operate on hypospadias more efficiently.
Geographical problems. / Untrained surgeons. / Problems of lack of sufficient knowledge of instructions pre-and post- operative. / Medical supplies .
We aims in 2018 to reach 150 child managed from Hypospadias in Egypt and Africa
suhaj / Kafr El sheikh / sewa / Halaeeb & shelateen
Each train will be a component of : 2 Consultant / 1 Coordinator / 3 Trainees / Local host trainees
We need more surgeons. / We need high physical capacity to cover all the necessities and reach more places. / We need cooperation with civil society and other NGOs.