Membership Categories:


Type 1. Ordinary Membership:

  • A regular member must be an Egyptian; Should be licensed to practice surgery in the subspecialties such as of pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, pediatric plastic .
  • Should be MD certified or has an equivalent qualification 
  • All regular members should have finished their training in an approved  pediatric surgical training center in Egypt.
  • An applicant must have a practice devoted entirely to pediatric surgery, except as may be required by emergency care or special circumstances.

Any exception to the above criteria for regular membership must be made by a recommendation from the Membership and Credentials Committee to the Board of EHAPS

Type  2. Associate  Members:

  • An associate member must be an EGYPTIAN.
  • Associate members should be currently enrolled in an approved pediatric surgical training program in the capacity of assistant fellow, or resident.
  • Associate membership will be terminated unless he/she has been approved for a ordinary membership within 5 years.
  • Associate member will require sponsorship by a regular member.

Type  3. Affiliated Membership:

  • An affiliated  membership is applicable to a person actively engaged in the care of children in medical or other surgical subspecialties such as  of pediatric anesthesia, pediatric ICU, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric orthopedics, etc,
  • An affiliated  member must be an egyptian citizen
  • Should be  currently licensed to practice  medicine or surgery in Egypt.
  • An affiliated member should  has already amply demonstrated excellence and fitness as a trained specialist in one of the  pediatric subspecialties

Type 4. International Membership:

  • A physician who is not an Egyptian, may be invited by the Board of EAHPS to apply as an international member. Such applications must meet the same training, certification, and practice criteria as required of regular members.
  • Two letters of recommendation from members plus 2 additional letters from colleagues in his/her practice community must accompany his/her application.
  • International members will pay dues and be governed by the bylaws as regular members but will not be eligible to be a member of the board of EAHPS.
  • An international member is required to attend at least one meeting every 3 years or have a valid excuse (other than inconvenience of distance traveled).

Type 5. Honorary Membership:

  • Honorary Membership may be awarded to an international pediatric surgeon   with known outstanding contributions to pediatric surgery by unanimous vote of the Board of EAHPS.
  • The candidate for honorary membership should have a significant contribution to EAHPS .
  • No more than one honorary membership should be awarded each year.
  • The Honorary member should be nominated at least 6 months prior to the annual scientific meeting .
  • The Honorary member will be notified and expected to be the Key note speaker for the forthcoming annual scientific meeting, at which he will receive the honorary membership officially.
  • Honorary members will be governed by the bylaws as regular members but will not be subject to dues or the meeting attendance requirement.